Tanzania Denounces Rumours Of Alleged EU Economic Sanctions

20Nov 2020
The Guardian
Tanzania Denounces Rumours Of Alleged EU Economic Sanctions

Tanzania's Ambassador to Belgium, Jestus Nyamanga, has denounced reports that the European Union Parliament has resolved to withhold a 626 million Euro grant that was meant for Tanzania.

In a video that has in the last few hours gone viral, the diplomat denounced the online rumours as unfounded, bias and propagated to mislead public opinion.

“There are no talks to impose any sanctions on Tanzania or even to withhold grants…” clarified the Ambassador.

The Ambassador was responding to online allegations that the EU Parliamentary Committee session that was held today in Brussels had resolved to withhold grant money from Tanzania and was deliberating economic sanctions on the country.

"The meeting that was held today was a regular session of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs and that session did not issue any resolution on Tanzania," detailed the Ambassador.

The diplomat went on to explain that, the session did discuss the status of Tanzania post its General Election. However, he said, this is only as regular practice of the session, to discuss the status of a development partner country post its General Election.

“It was just an exchange of views…and only 5 members shared their views…there was no resolution nor any agreement,” he clarified further.

Ambassador Nyamanga also took the opportunity to reassure all stakeholders that relations between Tanzania and the European Union are good and will continue to grow.

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