Tanzania, S. Africa seek to strengthen bilateral relations

22Jun 2016
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Tanzania, S. Africa seek to strengthen bilateral relations

ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein has said the bilateral relationship between Tanzania and South Africa will continue to thrive for the benefit of the people of the two countries.

President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein

Dr Shein made the remarks when he met with the S.African High Commissioner to Tanzania Thamsanqa Dennis Msekelu.

The Isles’ leader said the current bilateral relations has been there for years and will continue to remain strong because of the historical ties with the southern African nation.

Founders of the two nations supported each other in liberation struggles “and this is what makes our relations remain firm.”

“Tanzanians and South Africans are brothers and sisters…we supported each other in the liberation struggles and during the time of apartheid. So, we’ve a reason to reinforce our brotherhood,” Shein said.

He said that the two countries have been working together in socio-economic development and investment; to the extent that South Africa is one of the key nations which have invested in Tanzania.

“South African investors are everywhere in Tanzania and Zanzibar in particular. Here in isles, South African investors have invested in 12 tourists hotels,” he said.

He however informed the South African envoy that Zanzibar was in need of seri0us investors in fisheries sector.

For his part the envoy said his country honor a lot the current relations between the two nations and pledged to use all possible means to convince investors in his country to come and invest in Tanzania.

He also suggested the need for scaling up relationship among the airport authorities so as to boost tourism between the two nations.

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