Tanzania secures huge soya beans market in China

23Apr 2021
The Guardian
Tanzania secures huge soya beans market in China

SOYA beans farmers in the country have been informed of the availability of reliable market for the crop in China where it is in great demand.

Speaking to this paper in his office here on Wednesday, the Director of the Uyole Centre of Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI-Uyole) Dr Tulole Bucheyeki said already Tanzania has entered into agreement with China for export of the crop to the Asian country. 

Dr Bucheyeki said in order to satisfy the Chinese market demand, his Institute has begun producing the crops’ seeds in ample quantities for distribution to farmers to be grown in their farms.

“We at TARI also have the responsibility to mobilise for the cultivation of the crop which our government has located in China,” said the TARI-Uyole Director.

He said the market needs ample quantities of the soya crop hence from now, in order not to lose it the government has decided that even farmers from neighbouring countries to sell their crop to Tanzania for onward export to China.

“We know that as for now our farmers cannot meet the demand of the huge market we have located in China, hence the strategy we will employ is to also get the crop from neighbouring countries, said Dr Bucheyeki.

He said TARI has put for itself strategies to ensure the crop is vastly grown beginning next farming season and farmers have been assured of good prices for their crop.

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