Tanzania,France commit to climate change issues and sustainable cities

14Sep 2018
Felister Peter
The Guardian
Tanzania,France commit to climate change issues and sustainable cities

TANZANIA and France are set to strengthen   bilateral relationship with more emphasize on climate change issues and sustainable cities.

French Ambassador Frédéric Clavier (2nd-L) addresses journalists in Dar es Salaam yesterday on the ongoing visit by a delegation of French senators. The thrust of the one-week tour is on the enhancement of “dialogue” relating to relations between Tanzania and France. The senators are (from-R) Cyril Pellevat (Haute-Savoie), head of delegation Ronan Dantec (Loire-Atlantique), and Bernard Jomier (Paris). Photo: Halima Kambi

France is also supporting Tanzania in various development projects as well as the government’s agenda to transform the country into a middle-income nation by 2025.

Ambassador of France to Tanzania Frédéric Clavier said yesterday when briefing journalists on the official mission of French Senators to Tanzania. 

The visit which includes Senator Ronan Dantec of the Loire-Atlantique, the head of the delegation, Senator Cyril Pellevat of Haute-Savoie  and  Senator Bernard Jomier of Paris is meant to enhance dialogue with local actors and government officials towards embodying the new impetus of the Tanzania-France relationship. The Senators who will be in the country for one week, arrived on September 10th.

“We have confidence with Tanzania as a platform for future development in East and Southern Africa. We are committed to work with the government in various projects including those related to climate change and sustainable cities”, said the ambassador noting that his government is currently implementing a solar power project in Shinyanga Region.

Ambassador Clavier said that France works closely with the government, regional and local leaders in selecting priority projects. He said the French government had decided to double its support to Tanzania through the French Agency for Development (AFD) from 50 million Euros to 100 million Euros to fund three key sectors namely water, transportation and energy.

“France is optimistic about the future of Tanzania and wishes to strengthen bilateral ties. The country is peaceful with economic stability”, said Clavier.

 He asserted that French would like to forge strong relationship between French and Tanzanian legislatures whereas the visiting Senators met with Speaker of the National Assembly, Job Ndugai, ministers, parliamentarians and Davis Mwafupe, Mayor of Dodoma, to discuss the development prospects of the new capital city.

The head of delegation, Senator Ronan Dantec underscored that it was important for African countries including Tanzania to start taking measures to ensure sustainable cities. He said in Tanzania, the French government will support sustainable city projects in Dodoma and Dar es Salaam due to its growing population.

“When our cities are growing it is important to take measures such as urban planning and to control environment pollution which may be caused by increased number of motor vehicles”, he noted.

According to Dantec, France is organising the France-Africa conference in 2020 whereas some of the key topics will be sustainable cities and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

He said the French government is also keen to support Tanzania’s tourism industry by ensuring increased number of visitors as well as improvement of infrastructures at the Selous Game Reserve.

The delegation will meet representatives of the Tanzanian civil societies—Foundation for Civil society (FCS) together with the Forum CC and the University of Dar es Salaam’s Centre for climate change studies to discuss the various projects such as environmental governance and youth participation, green energy and fostering income-generating activities for women and youth.

The Senators will also visit the French Development Agency (AFD) an inclusive public financial institution that works with the government to support a number of initiatives to improve the welfare of Tanzanians.

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