Tanzanian activist named winner of ‘Transpersonal Leader Award’

15Feb 2020
Aisia Rweyemamu
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Tanzanian activist named winner of ‘Transpersonal Leader Award’

TANZANIAN human development specialist and anti-corruption activist—Dr Mayrose Majinge has been announced the first winner of the inaugural ‘Transpersonal Leader Award’ by the LeaderShape Global—a UK based organization with a global culture that operates without borders.

Dr Maryrose Majinge.

‘Transpersonal Leader Award’ is given to individuals who have completed a Transpersonal Leadership Development Programme, and who have made most impact with their new found understanding, according to the LeaderShape Global organisation.

The award was announced on November 12th, last year in London in honour of Dr Majinge as the first winner. The LeaderShape Global has announced that the medal will be known as the ‘Mayrose Medal’.

Speaking with The Guardian, Dr Majinge said, she was excited and grateful to be nominated to receive that medal.

“I can honestly say the Transpersonal Leadership programme has equipped me to learn a very practical approach to becoming an authentic, ethical, caring and more effective leader”, she said.

Dr Majinge whose dream is to become a politician said: “I have no doubt that the skills I acquired will help me realize my dream of becoming a great leader for my generation. May I encourage aspiring leaders who wants to create an emotionally bonded, ethical, high- performing and sustainable organisation to participate in that tremendous course”.

Dr Majinge said she was not able to attend the award ceremony in London because at that time she was in USA completing her PhD in human development.

Mayrose, a mother of four, married to Joseph Majinge undertook her Transpersonal Leadership Development journey from May 2018 to August 2019.

She appealed to Tanzanians especially politician to pursue the course saying it is important for their carrier since they are dealing directly with the people.

According to a statement by LeaderShape Global, the organization has been developing transpersonal leaders for 10 years and they feel it is the right time to establish an annual ‘Transpersonal Leader Award’.

Chair of LeaderShape Global, John Knights describes Mayrose as an avid learner who worked hard at embedding new habits and bringing her values to full consciousness in everything she does.

He added, “She possesses immense humanity, humility and grace, while showing a deep determination and resilience to achieve her goals”.

Knight who was Dr Majinge’s Transpersonal Leadership Coach added: “This is all geared towards making a better life for every Tanzanian and enabling them to participate in decision-making about their future”.

Commenting on the award, Richard Ndunguru from the college of humanity, University of Dar es Salaam, said the medal is a great honour not only to Dr Majinge’s family but also the nation. He said Dr Majinge has enabled the country to be internationally recognized and maintain its status.

Nduguru called on members of the public especially women to follow Dr Majinge’s steps since she has proved that Tanzanian women can do wonders.

Dr Majinge holds a bachelor’s degree in business management (BBM) from university of Bangalore India; Master’s degree in public administration (MPA) from Mzumbe University Tanzania.

She is also a holder of Postgraduate in Transpersonal Leadership – Leading Beyond the Ego from Leader Shape Global and a Doctorate in Human Development from Fielding Graduate University.

She completed her primary education at Nyakabongo primary school in Mwanza and later joined secondary education at Mwanza secondary school and Tabora girls.

Dr Majinge is the author, most recently published book is the ‘A Development Tool Important for Self- Advancement (Chombo Muhimu Kwa Maendeleo Yako) and other two books: Development Vision and Entrepreneurship (‘Dira ya Maendeleo na Ujasiriamali’) and Standing Principles to Obtain Quality Life (‘Nguzo Mahususi za Kupata Maisha Bora’).

She is the expert in leadership, business management, human development, management of civil society organizations, and good governance issues.

Also, extensively involving on building faith-based relationships, advocacy against corruption, HIV/Aids, drug abuse and poverty alleviation issues in Tanzania.

Previously she served as executive chairperson of the Registered Trustees of the Community Development Services. Prior to taking up her role as an executive chairperson (1998 to 2015),

Currently, she is a member of Social Action Linking Together (SALT) at Richmond Virginia, USA also a member of Washington DC Chamber of Commerce, USA.

Founder of International Employment Alliance Inc and owns and work as the Chief Executive Officer of May Health Care Services, Inc. at Reston, Virginia, USA.

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