Tanzanians urged to buy locally made cosmetics, beauty products

08Nov 2018
Devota Mwachang'a
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Tanzanians urged to buy locally made cosmetics, beauty products

TANZANIANS have been urged to buy locally made cosmetics and beauty products to be assured of their safety at the same time contributing to the country’s economic growth.

The call was made yesterday in Dar es Salaam during an exhibition of expo dubbed: ‘Kipilipili 2018’ which is used as a platform to bring together small scale manufacturers and vendors of cosmetics and beauty products in the country.

Ziada Abeid the co-founder of the event said through the exhibitions the society will get opportunities to know where to find locally made cosmetics that will nurture their skins and natural hair.

“This event will allow our small entrepreneurs to promote their local products in the market within and outside the country, but also to provide education, we intend to turn a once negative word terminology “kipilipili’ used to describe ugly hair among women and girls, to make them proud of their natural hair and skin,” she said.

She said there has been an up surge in Africans all over the world dishing relaxers and growing their natural hair and a decline in hair relaxer sales is proof that Tanzanians also have moved from the beauty that had been imposed to them by the fashion and beauty industry.

For her part, businesswoman and founder of Marini Naturals from Kenya Michelle Ntalami urged youth who are eager to start businesses to stand by what they believe in because building your brand was something that needs self-efforts.

The Expo with the theme: ‘Urembo Asili. Uamuzi wako’ the Swahili translation for (Natural beauty. Your decision) was held in the city for the second time. The third will bring together naturalists from all over Africa as they present to each other natural skin care products, natural hair products and share tips on how to manage their natural.

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