Tanzanians urged to stop hiding suspects of GBV

06Dec 2021
Aisia Rweyemamu
The Guardian
Tanzanians urged to stop hiding suspects of GBV

TANZANIANS have been advised to stop hiding suspects of Gender Based Violence (GBV) cases, but should effectively participate by providing cooperation at the court, something that will eliminate the challenge in the country.

Some conference participants from various parts of the country.

Inspector of Police in Manyara Region Nuru Lucas made the call here during the national forum to end GBV in line with commemoration of 16 days of activism against GBV.

According to her, most of the victim’s side ends up negotiating with suspects of violence thus killing the whole case.

She said it has been found that some of the families of GBV victims have been receiving money, goats or cattle from the suspects’ family and then refusing to continue giving evidence or naming suspects.

“For example, despite taking all the needed efforts to ensure that a child who is a victims of rape gets his/her right, parents fail us by taking bribe from suspects forcing them to close the case,” she said.

She called on the public to offer needed cooperation to police during solving violence cases for justice to be provided.

The national forum was organized by Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), faith actors who have joined resources with national stakeholders and government through the MKUKI initiative.

Thomas Joseph, a participant from Dongobesh in Mbulu district said that some harmful tradition and customs beliefs are among them major sources of GBV in the region.

Lucy Maanda, a Special Seats councilor of Dareda ward in Babati rural pointed finger to the traditional elders who receive cash or goat from the suspects in order to persuade the victim’s family to settle the case at home.

Rev. Samuel Sure from ELCT Mbulu diocese requested the government to set a specific time for the opening and closing of the bars and other entertainment areas so as to fight alcoholism which is also contributing to GBV.

Manyara Regional Sheikh and Chairman for Interfaith Committee Sheikh Khalid Mohamed said a special public awareness strategy is needed so as to eradicate GBV in the region.

NCA like many other organizations in the World has been participating in the campaign every year by engaging in different activities so as to support GBV the war.