Tanzanians urged to use alternative energies to combat climate change

13Aug 2020
The Guardian
Tanzanians urged to use alternative energies to combat climate change

​​​​​​​TANZANIANS have been called on to adopt alternative energies as a measure against the country’s environmental destruction due to rampant use of charcoal that contributes to climate change.

The call was given here last weekend by Aristotle Nikitas, Marketing Manager of Premium Active Tanzania Ltd, manufacturers of alternative energy –  white charcoal fuel when speaking to reporters.

Nikitas said black charcoal, the fuel widely used in the country has been the main cause of environmental destruction, and added that it is now time for Tanzanians to change and begin using alternative fuels that are harmless to both their health and the environment. 

“This white charcoal which we are today publicizing here in Dodoma is environment friendly as it is made from special grass which we grow ourselves,” Nikitas said.

He said the black charcoal now being used has destroyed the natural growth of forests and greatly contributing to climate change.

He said following the commencement of white charcoal project last year, they have the capacity to produce 500 to 1,200 tonnes of the charcoal per year and their goal is to produce between 3,000 to 4,000 tonnes per year.

He said: “The white charcoal fuel market situation is not bad as for now we are working together with the government to educate Tanzanians in various areas on the use of this alternative energy.

“Our product is in three kinds of packaging:- three-kilo bags of 30 pieces of 100 grammes each that sells for 3,000/- solely for domestic use; five-kilo bags selling at 5,000/- each specifically for the street food vendors and 20-kilo bags selling at 18,000/- for use in colleges and other institutions.”

He said five pieces of the white charcoal can cook red beans, said to be the toughest to cook among other foods.

Nikitas said so far there have been no complaints from their customers over the use of the charcoal adding that the only challenge being experienced is how to get it lighted up.

He added that the white charcoal is made from special kind of grass which they harvest and dry before manufacturing.

He said they decided to manufacture this charcoal after seeing tobacco farmers using wood energy for drying the tobacco, the practice that was greatly contributing to the depletion of forests.

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