Tanzanite moghul Laizer outlines secret to success 

04Aug 2020
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Tanzanite moghul Laizer outlines secret to success 

THE now famous tanzanite miner Saniniu Laizer whose bank worth has now reached 12.2bn/- after selling his latest maasive gemstone lifted the lid on why his pit has produced the biggest pieces of Tanzanite ever.

Speaking here after pocketing 4.86bn/- from the sale of the gemstone weighing 6.3 kilogrammes to the government, the herdsman-turned miner said he does not rely on pure luck as many people have been saying since he hit the first jackpot in June. He broke records with two massive pieces of tanzanite.

The pit owner said he invests heavily in the business in terms of mining equipment as well as professional advice; something other successful small-scale tanzanite miners shy away from.

“I always seek advice from mining experts. They tell me that investing in the business is the sure way of getting returns,” he said.

So far the new tanzanite gem from Mirerani has taken slot as second largest blue gemstone on record. The first was also mined at Laizer’s pit at the mining hills, together with the third largest both of which were sold to the government the previous month.

Laizer earned 7.7 billion/- from the two previous stones, the biggest tipping the scale at 9.3 kilograms and the other stone weighing 5.1 kilograms, writing history as the largest findings yet.

Minerals minister Dotto Biteko was again presented with the giant stone at Mirerani yesterday. He used the ceremony podium at Mirerani Hills to insist that miners should avoid shoddy deals when it comes to selling the gemstones.

“We have recorded another historical finding at Mahenge, where a large rare Spinel Gemstone weighing a post-polishing 4 kgs has been mined and it costs 750m/- after tax,” he said.

Before Saniniu Laizer struck it rich, last June, the world’s largest piece of Tanzanite Gemstone in history weighed 3.38 kilograms. These types of blue gemstones are only found in northern Tanzania.

Now the Maasai rancher has the three biggest stones under his belt. Speaking during the initial finds, Laizer explained that geologists had advised his team to crush rocks about 1 kilometer below the ground to find the rare stones.

At the same time elsewhere at the Mahenge Mines of Ulanga District, in Morogoro region, a rare, valuable and large Spinel Gemstone has been discovered, creating yet another windfall in the country’s mining sector.