TARI launches new technology for better crop production

15Nov 2019
The Guardian
TARI launches new technology for better crop production

THE Uyole centre of Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) in Mbeya Region has introduced Technology 55 approach to farmers in the region saying it is environmental friendly and capable of increasing income, employment growth and food security.

This was revealed on Wednesday this week by the director of Uyole TARI centre Dr Tulole Bucheyeki as he was explaining to journalists strategies on the improvement of farming through the new technology.

Dr Bucheyeki said the aim of the new technology is to help farmers abandon habitual farming that employs traditional seeds, poor farming equipment and non-use of agricultural experts.

He said the technology will be employed in strategic crops including maize, beans, potatoes, pyrethrum, wheat, sunflower, avocado, finger millet and soya.

He said: “We were deeply involved in various researches on crops and we succeeded to have seeds which on trial basis study farm produced better results and now we have come up with a new strategy for farmers.”

He added that in the efforts to introduce the new technology in the farming sector Uyole TARI centre set aside 1b/- in the financial year 2019/2020 for the purpose.

Assistant Coordinator of National Maize Research Leonard Sabula said 70 percent of farmers in the country are engaged in maize farming and 46 percent of the country’s land is cultivated with the crop, hence the new technology which will entail the use of modern seeds, use of experts and better farming equipment will help pushing up production.

Sabula said this year they are establishing 159 study farms for maize alone for farmers to learn there from.

A researcher on potatoes and yams Dr Dorah Mende said in her department they are inventing ten better seeds for potatoes and until now they have four types which are tengeru, meru, ahsante and sheherekea.

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