TARI set to establish grape research lab in Makutupora

22Feb 2021
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
TARI set to establish grape research lab in Makutupora

​​​​​​​THE Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute ((TARI) is implementing a project for   297m/- state-of-the art training laboratory at   Makutupora centre, which upon completion will help to train researchers in   grapes industry.

TARI director at Makutupora Centre, Dr Cornel Massawe said that the lab was yet another milestone in agricultural research in the country.

Dr Massawe was speaking recently during a media tour organised by the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH), to inspect various research projects funded by the government.

COSTECH is funding many projects across the country which target at helping policy makers to plan for the country's development.

According to Dr Massawe, about 297m/- was provided by the government via the commission, adding that with the modern lab, farmers would be able to get seedlings that will bring positive end products which in turn will help the country in realizing its ambitious industrialization agenda.

Speaking at the same occasion, TARI researcher in the department ofAgriculture and Economy, Devotha Mchau, said that the government was highly concerned in investing in grapes farming, which she insisted, a farmer could have an increase of up to 50per cent in grapes farming if he/she could maintain the farm according to researches undertaken by her institution.

She said that an assessment by TARI shows that a farmer depending on rains could get up to four tonnes of grapes per year while irrigationfarming could help a farmer to rip benefits of up to 10 tonnes per year.

“I encourage farmers to capitalize on irrigation farming because it has positive results which can double the farmers' income," she noted.Until now, she said, there were two types of grapes in the country.

But there could be more, as researchers were still conducting more studies. According to TARI' s researcher in Technology Transfer Partnership,Stella Hangambage, the Institute was receiving up to 3,500 people visiting the centre to get knowledge on grapes farming and other agricultural products.

"Dodoma is our image in the country for production of grapes because of the geographical location, and this kind of farming needs a lot of light and we have always been looking at different agronomic practices." said Hangambage.

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