TARI-Uyole grows new finger millet seeds for crop’s revival

15Jul 2020
The Guardian
TARI-Uyole grows new finger millet seeds for crop’s revival

​​​​​​​THE Uyole centre of Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI-Uyole) in Mbeya has developed three types of finger millet seeds – the U-15, TariFM1 and P224 that will be distributed to farmers in various areas of the country, the exercise that will go-

millet seeds

-simultaneously with the revival of the crop.

This was disclosed here on Monday by TARI-Uyole director Dr Tulole Bucheyeki when inspecting finger millet farms at the centre.

Dr Bucheyeki said finger millet is beneficial to people’s health as it has many minerals that revitalide the body and delays the process of ageing.

He said the crop is cultivated in virtually all regions in the country and the new seeds can yield from 13 to 40 bags per acre while old traditional seeds produce only six bags per acre.

He said they will employ various strategies to distribute the seeds to reach farmers easily including social networks, brochures and fliers and the media.

Senior researcher of finger millet crop at TARI-Uyole Dr Denis Tippe said as for now their main task is to revive the crop which has been abandoned by many farmers.

He said they are reviving the crop in order to strengthen the health of the people as well as increasing the farmers’ incomes and they will ensure it will be among priority crops.

“Our task is to tell farmers that the crop should be cultivated just like maize and beans because the cultivation does not need forest clearing, the most important thing is the use of fertiliser and abide by the planting rules,” Dr Tippe said.

He added that finger millet withstands plant diseases and all kinds of weather conditions and can be well stored as it can stay very long periods of time after harvest – more than five years on average.

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