Tarime suspends small scale mining in Kibaga    

05Oct 2018
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Tarime suspends small scale mining in Kibaga    

AUTHORITIES in Tarime District, Mara Region have announced the closure of a small scale mine at Kibaga village with immediate effect following continuous emergency of lawlessness that left a couple of residents including the area councillor Ganga Mgendi injured.

Tarime District Commissioner, Glorious Luoga.

According to the Tarime District Commissioner, Glorious Luoga, the mine will remain closed for unspecified period pending an ongoing investigations under the district safety and security committee findings that will submit its finds in the near future.

Reports from the village revealed that on Tuesday small scale miners armed with crude weapons had engaged in daylight conflict with other members of a separate group that the regional mining officer Nyaisara Mgaya told ‘The Guardian’ they have a mining licence.

The DC said: ''from now onwards due to the increased lawlessness rampant in the area the district authorities announced the closure of Kibaga mine with immediate effect until further notice and no one is allowed to encroach in the mining pits.''

The DC said that a panel of mining experts from the regional mining office will team up with local authorities including the small scale miners to draft a working memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will then submit their report to the district authorities for further action.

He noted that the government will not fail to carry out stern measures to anyone regardless of his or her social position who are involved in inciting political violence at the expense of Wananchi.

 The task force will look into a couple of challenges including the mode in which the small scale miners engage with their daily activities as well as other extra engagement with the surrounding community such as their cooperate social responsibilities.

 ''The government cannot tolerate any loss of life or property in the name of mining or any other sort of income generating activity that amounts to the breaking of the law anywhere in the district.''

Reports quoting the Tarime/Rorya special zone Commander Henry Mwaibambe said several people were being held in connection with the Tuesday incident where one person was shot and injured and once the investigations were completed they will be taken to court.

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