Tarura needs 7b/- to construct Barega bridge in Kilosa district  

31Mar 2020
The Guardian
Tarura needs 7b/- to construct Barega bridge in Kilosa district  

FOLLOWING heavy rains that have affected several infrastructures in most parts of the country, Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA) has assessed that more than 7bn/-is needed to construct Berega bridge in Kilosa District, Morogoro region.

Region’s Administrative Secretary Eng Emanuel Kalobelo.

According to reports the authorities in Morogoro region through Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA) needs more than 7b/- for construction of a new bridge at Barega in Kilosa District following collapse of the old one due to floods from the ongoing rains.

The Region’s Administrative Secretary Eng Emanuel Kalobelo said  during his inspection for repair work   e that connects links several villages including Barega hospital in Barega Ward in the district.

Kalobelo was implementing President John Magufuli directive given to him on March 16 that he must supervise repairs for the bridge so that vehicles start passing over it within seven days.

Eng Kalobelo said the new bridge will be constructed when the proposed funds become available, but as on now, completion of repair work will enable the opening up of road communication within the area.

He said the repaired bridge will only be used by pedestrians and motorcycle drivers, including vehicles of not more than 3.5 tons carrying capacity.

He called upon TARURA experts to conduct regular inspections of bridges to avoid challenges from severing of road communication between various areas in the district.

Morogoro Region TARURA Manager Eng Benjamin Maziku said the Barega Bridge that was built in 2013 was only a temporary one after the former one was swept away by floods.

He said the bridge has a history of destruction from floods hence the new one will have four pillars and will be much higher to allow huge logs and other flood debris to freely flow under it.

Some of the wananchi who were around at the bridge site during Kalobelo’s inspection hailed the step taken by the government to repair the bridge as they sometimes failed to transfer their sick to Barega Hospital.

During his March 16 visit at the site, one mwananchi told President Magufuli on the hardships they experience due to absence of the bridge that used to connect them to the Barega Hospital, hence the President gave RAS seven days to ensure road communication is restored.