TAWA appeals for stakeholders’ assistance in protecting wildlife

28Jul 2020
The Guardian
TAWA appeals for stakeholders’ assistance in protecting wildlife

​​​​​​​TANZANIA Wildlife Authority (TAWA) has appealed to national parks stakeholders to work together with the authority in preserving and protection wildlife for the national interest.

TAWA Conservation Commissioner Mabula Misungwi gave the appeal here yesterday when speaking with various tourism stakeholders at a sitting that reviewed strategies and good community service for good neighbourliness in reserve areas.

Misungwi said TAWA has been making monetary contributions to many development projects for the community surrounding the reserve areas, and stressed on the need of having a plan that would involve them in the control of destructive wildlife in their areas.

He said TAWA will continue to be in the frontline in ensuring the community benefits from the reserve areas surrounding them by assisting them in various development projects including health, education, and provision of clean water.

Gloria Bideberi, a supervisor of TAWA Good Neighbourliness Department said money sent by tourism stakeholders for the period of 2017-2020 totaled 4bn/- that was spent in various community development projects.

Some of TAWA stakeholders have called upon the authority to work together with them in tackling the issue of destructive wildlife to the farms.

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