TAWA collects 28.4bn/- fines in last four years

26Sep 2020
The Guardian
TAWA collects 28.4bn/- fines in last four years

THE Tanzania Wildlife Authority (TAWA) has collected 28.47bn/- in the period of 2016/2020 which includes various fines as well as those over poaching issues.

TAWA Acting Commissioner for Conservation, Mabula Nyanda.

TAWA Acting Commissioner for Conservation, Mabula Nyanda said on Thursday that the authority has put in place an arrangement where stakeholders dealing with wildlife conservation are also provided with funds to enhance their activities.

Nyanda said that out of the collected money, 15.55bn/- was given to communities within the Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) while 4.22bn/- was directed to the villages surrounding national parks.

“The authority provides the monies to boost wildlife conservation activities in WMAs as well as supporting development activities,” he noted.

He said 8.82bn/- was submitted to local district councils that have conservation areas in them.

Nyanda further said that people should appreciate the benefits of conservation activities so that they involve themselves more in wildlife conservation.

He said they have also introduced a system which allows private companies and individuals to establish wild animal farms and butcheries as a way to ensure the community participates and benefit from conservation activities.

He said TAWA as well as its stakeholders have been contributing to development projects in villages surrounding national parks and WMAs whereas in the last four years it has spent an average of 350m/- which was distributed to 10 districts and 17 villages.

According to Nyanda, TAWA also contributes in conservation projects including tree planting and fish farming projects whereby they provided a total of 40m/-for construction of fish ponds in Mshona and Kiroka villages in Rufiji District, Coast Region.

The authority operates under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism. It was established in 2014 by the Wildlife Conservation (The Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority.

It’s responsibilities include undertaking the administration and sustainable management of wildlife resource and biodiversity conservation outside National Parks and Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

This entails managing a total area of 169,553 km2 (79% of the total size of protected areas in the country) comprising of game reserves, game controlled areas and open spaces.

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