TAWA introduces glass boat for marine tourism

05Jan 2022
The Guardian Reporter
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TAWA introduces glass boat for marine tourism

COASTAL tourism is being beefed up as the Tanzania Wildlife Authority (TAWA) implements new strategies for Kilwa, Kisiwani and Songomnara areas sea tourism, revamping infrastructures and purchasing a bottom glass boat for viewing marine life.

Samson Gisile, a TAWA warden told reporters visiting various tourist attractions that TAWA supervises in Kilwa District, that in order to open up tourism opportunities in Kilwa, the agency had revamped roads to ease visitations to various ancient buildings.

TAWA is putting up two buildings, one for receiving tourists, also billed to be used as a warehouse or museum, holding historical artifacts and other items of tourist interest related to the Kilwa and Songomnara areas, he said.

TAWA is also building sheds to enable tourists to sleep in, where they need to use pitch tents, after purchasing a spacious boat that enables tourists to view the scenery under the sea through the glass beneath the hull, he elaborated.

“They can see marine life including fish and marine vegetation, so we hope many tourists will be attracted to come to Kilwa,” he affirmed, noting that TAWA was patrolling the sea around Kilwa to prevent illegal fishing, use of poison in particular, as it destroys a wide range of marine life.

Local people similarly search for ancient artifacts believed to be under the sea bed like cutlery and other valuable items, which he said was now ceasing after providing education to Kilwa residents.

District Commissioner Zainab Kawawa said tourist attractions in the area have opened up opportunities for residents there and people from other regions.

On Boxing Day Kilwa received a ship with 120 tourists, the first time in three years to have received that number of tourists in the area, she stated, asserting that Kilwa residents and investors need to grab opportunities tie with uptake in tourism, like having a good hotel and a range of guest houses.

The government has invested 50bn/- to build a fishing port and a fish processing plant as part of the development of the blue economy, she added.