TBL, AMREF sign deal to support water project in Kagera

22Sep 2016
The Guardian Reporter
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TBL, AMREF sign deal to support water project in Kagera

TANZANIA Breweries Limited (TBL) Group has signed a contract with African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) which will see the latter providing financial support to facilitate construction of a deep well in Kagera Region.

AS part of its support to needy communities, the project worth over 67m/- will enable hundreds of villagers in Busole Village in Muleba District to benefit from safe and portable water, one of the essential social needs.

Speaking during the contract signing ceremony in Dar es Salaam yesterday, TBL Group external affairs director, Georgia Mutagahywa, said the support was given out of the company profit after tax to support social services to needy communities.

Mutagahywa said the company had entered into a partnership with AMREF to implement the project since the latter had a long and reputable history in implementing successful water projects in rural areas.

“TBL Group is today delighted to partner with AMREF in this important project that will be completed within one year. We are very sure that the project will be of great support to women who walk long distances searching for water. It will reduce the risk of water borne diseases as people will have access to clean water,” she said.

The External Affairs director noted that TBL Group which relied heavily on water in its production was aware of challenges on its availability in different parts of the country and that was what had been pushing the company to support such projects

“TBL Group is aware that water is one of the major challenges facing many communities and we are glad to offer our support.

We will continue to work shoulder to shoulder with the government and other stakeholders to facilitate the availability of water in various parts of the country through projects like this,” she elaborated.

AMREF Tanzania country director, Dr Florence Temu, expressed her appreciation to TBL Group for the support that the company dedicated to the people of Muleba and Busole Village, in particular.

“We are happy to partner with TBL Group in this project. With our long time experience in implementing water projects in rural areas, we would like to assure the company that the project will bring the intended benefits to the targeted community,” she said.

Water is central to economic well-being via delivery of direct precipitation and agricultural irrigation, forestry, navigation, waste processing and hydroelectricity.

Water is likewise a central component of earth's ecosystems, providing important controls on weather and climate.