TBL embarks on behavioural change ‘smart drinking’ campaign

05Aug 2022
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TBL embarks on behavioural change ‘smart drinking’ campaign

THE Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) is once again running its behavioural change ‘smart drinking’ campaign this month with the aim of imparting knowledge and reminding consumers about smart drinking behaviours.

TBL and its parent company, AB InBev have assumed the responsibility to help reduce and prevent the harmful use of alcohol around the world.

In 2015, AB InBev launched the Global Smart Drinking Goals which are to be implemented globally by the end of 2025.

This year’s ‘smart drinking’ week will again champion the many specific behaviours and social norms that encompass smart drinking and aim to make every experience with beer a positive one.

TBL’s Country Director, Jose Moran said:  “The art of drinking smart is what the brewer company would like to share with all customers as smart drinking has become part of TBL and AB InBev’s company culture and we would like to continue to strive to bring that culture to communities.”

He said TBL is sharing with consumers that ‘the art of drinking’ is an opportunity to promote healthy behaviours such as eating before or during drinking, drinking water or non-alcoholic beer between drinks, and planning transportation before drinking.

Moran added: “Smart drinking is how we ensure that each experience with our products is a positive one. Smart drinking extends beyond drinking responsibly because it is not a compromise. Instead, it allows consumers to enjoy their alcoholic drinks to the fullest.”

To drive awareness of this campaign and its goals, TBL has partnered with its premium beer brands which will engage consumers on ground to further drive the message of smart drinking across.

In Tanzania, TBL, the oldest and largest brewing company and home to some of the most valuable alcoholic brands, will specifically focus on young adults of legal-drinking-age in driving smart drinking behaviours.

One component of the focus has been partnering with TBL’s brands of beers that many enjoy. The partnership is geared to get the smart drinking message across in the most impactful manner to reduce harmful alcohol consumption and substance abuse.

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