TBS provides education to 11,636 people on goods quality standards

25Oct 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
TBS provides education to 11,636 people on goods quality standards

A TOTAL of 11,636 people, 7,536   who are primary and secondary school students residents of Lushoto, Rombo and Hanang districts have been provided with education on the importance of buying goods approved by Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) as well as mobilizing traders to register their food-

-and cosmetics shops.

The residents were provided with the education through a campaign conducted by the bureau that ended at the weekend.

The mass education campaign was conducted in various areas including primary and secondary schools, market places, bus stands, auctions and other open areas at which people emerged in great numbers to learn on various issues regarding goods’ quality standards.

TBS Head of Markets Relations, Gladness Kaseka reminded the people that the war against substandard goods should not be waged by TBS alone, but by all Tanzanians.

“This campaign has been able to reach 11,636 people out of who 7,536 are primary and secondary schools students,” said Kaseka.

Kaseka explained to students and teachers on the importance of goods quality standards I their day to day lives as well as the opportunity on free services to small traders, and called upon them to be good ambassadors to mobilise other members in the community about goods quality standards.

She also stressed upon the people to continue providing information when they come across of expired goods or of any goods they suspect to have been prohibited including underwear, brake fluids and cosmetics.

She also called on traders to abide by proper procedures in registering their goods or buildings.

Lushoto District Executive Director, Ikupa Mwaisyoge hailed TBS for providing the education to the people at district level, saying the move will increase awareness on the issue of trading in substandard goods.

Mkalema Secondary School Headmaster in Rombo District, Gerson Temu praised TBS for the good job they were doing and called upon them to continue doing so, especially in regard to frequent inspections in these districts.