TBS destroys 2,004 substandard roofing materials in Mbeya City

11Mar 2019
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
TBS destroys 2,004 substandard roofing materials in Mbeya City

THE Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has seized and destroyed 2,004 substandard roofing materials worth 60m/- which were sold at various shops in Mbeya city.

TBS officials from Dar es Salaam in collaboration with their counterparts in southern highland regions conducted the inspection at warehouses, shops and iron sheets manufacturing factories over the weekend.

The bureau’s public relations officer, Roida Andusamile said that TBS was suspicious on the quality of roofing materials sold and manufactured in Mbeya, hence decided to conduct   investigations.

Andusamile said that such inspections are normally conducted at different regions across the country as part of efforts to control selling of substandard goods.

“All these iron sheets will be destroyed. Similar inspections will be conducted countrywide”, she said adding TBS officials will inspect all the shops in urban and rural areas.

TBS quality assurance officer in southern highland regions, Eng Yekonia Sanga said the substandard goods were seized from shops, Alaf Limited and a warehouse belonging to a Chinese company—Yaling Global LTD.

Eng Sanga said that owners of the iron sheet making factories have been notified on the poor quality of their products and warned to stop manufacturing and supplying them in the market.

He said that 8000 iron sheets were seized at Yaling Global LTD warehouse and 500 others at the factory. He said that a total of 704 iron sheets were seized at Alaf Tanzania Limited.

Quality assurance officer from TBS headquarters in Dar es Salaam, Baraka Mbajije said that apart from destroying the substandard roofing materials, legal measures will be taken against factory owners.

“Owners of these factories have violated country by producing products which are below the required standards as per Section 20 of the TBS Act, 2009” said Mbajije noting the manufacturers will be arraigned for  misusing TBS’s standard mark.

According to Mbajije, violation of the TBS Act, 2009 will lead into each of the manufacturers paying a fine of not more than 20m/- which is to be paid by manufacturers on the day their products were seized.

He said that if taken to court they will be subjected to a penalty of between 50m/- and 100m/-.