Teen pregnancy cause girls to drop out of school-govt

10Apr 2019
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
Teen pregnancy cause girls to drop out of school-govt

AT LEAST 10,000 students who  completed Form Four last year through adult education system of which  6000 were girls had dropped out of school due to teen pregnancy, Ministry of Education has revealed.

The deputy minister for Education, Technology and Vocational Training, William Ole Nasha told the House yesterday that the government in collaboration with United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) is working on plans to ensure those who dropped out of school get another chance.


"It is the government initiatives to ensure that all students get education through all means," he said, adding that all children who dropped out of school due to any reasons need education too.


The deputy made the explanation  in response to a question by the Special Seats MP, Asha Juma (CCM) who said that the number of girls who dropped out of school due to teen  pregnancy is on the increase, asking what the government was doing to help them get education.


Ole Nasha noted that in accordance with the Education Law number 25 of 1978 as reviewed in 2016, any person found guilty of impregnating a primary or secondary school girl faces 30 years imprisonment.


He said in addition to the law, the government has taken different measures to curb the problem like building of hostels in areas where students travel long distances before reaching school.


Meanwhile, the government spent   56 billion/- in January for the renovation old schools in the country. The deputy minister, Ole Nasha said the government continues with the plan to refurbish old famous schools in the country.


He said in response to a question by the Special Seats MP,Bernadeta Mushashu (CCM) who had wanted to know the government plan to refurbish Rugambwa secondary school built in 1964 and Bukoba secondary which was established  in 1939.


The deputy minister noted that in efforts to improve learning environment, the government will continue to rehabilitate old schools in its plans to repair 88 schools countrywide.


He noted that Bukoba secondary school is one of the schools that had benefited; having received 1,481,701,194.33/- which had been disbursed to the schools. Ole Nasha stated that conditional survey has been carried on Rugambwa secondary school, whose repair is to begin in 15th April, 2019.