TEF irked by removal of  newspaper sellers off Dar  

23Jun 2022
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
TEF irked by removal of  newspaper sellers off Dar  

​​​​​​​TANZANIA Editors Forum (TEF) says it is depressed by the action of Dar es Salaam City militia of harassing newspapers vendors in various area of the city and taking away their tables.

TEF chairperson, Deodatus Balile.

In its present to the media yesterday, TEF chairperson, Deodatus Balile said: “Such incidents of harassing newspaper vendors have been proved to have been carried out by the city’s militia without any tangible reasons at all.”

He said in October last year, the government embarked in removing small traders (machingas) from the roadsides of Dar es Salaam, but newspaper vendors were spared not through overlook, but in accordance with the 4014 VAT and addendum 9(3) HSC 4902.90.00 that recognizes newspapers as an integral part of education.

“This law resembles nearly all laws worldwide in regard to VAT and that is why in all world cities there are stands for newspapers and books to impart education and knowledge to their people,” Balile added.

He said that Tanzania will be the only country in the world to prevent her people to read newspapers and books.

“In addition to expressing our dismay, TEF has called on the Dar es Salaam City Director and others with similar motives in harassing newspaper vendors to stop these acts at once and should return all newspapers tables to the vendors.

He also appealed to the Minister for Information, and Information Technology to take prompt steps to suspend the ongoing operation that violates the country’s laws.

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