Telecom launches promotion on internet packages

14Feb 2018
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Telecom launches promotion on internet packages

TELECOM Company, Tigo Tanzania, yesterday launched a promotion for customers who purchase data bundles through the company’s new menu.

Tigo managing director Simon Karikari (L) addresses a news conference in Dar es Salaam yesterday, announcing the start of a three-months raffle dubbed ‘Nyaka Nyaka Bonus’ meant to enable customers to win 4G smartphone and internet bonuses.Photo: John Badi

The new promotions dubbed Nyaka Nyaka would allow customers purchasing any internet bundle starting from 1,000/- to receive instant and guaranteed Internet bonus of up to 1GB to use on social media. 

Announcing the offers in Dar es Salaam, the company’s Chief Commercial Officer, Tarik Boudiaf said that the customer-focused innovation will enable subscribers enjoy and experience the fastest and widest 4G internet with excellent value proposition in the market.

“With our superior 4G network our customers already enjoy unmatched internet experience.

The Nyaka Nyaka Bonus promotion will provide an opportunity for more customers to own trendy 4G smartphones and enjoy best 4G network, receive huge bonuses on data, hence experience the digital lifestyle transformation that is being spearheaded by our company,” he said.

According to the company’s managing director, Simon Karikari, the telecom’s focus has always been in network modernisation and optimisation with the overall goal of improving the quality of customer experience of its digital lifestyle services.

“We are aware of the evident digital divide that exists in Tanzania and we continue to invest in infrastructure to ensure that all Tanzanians are connected. Tigo has been spearheading the increased use of data.

Through this promotion we hope to increase data and smartphone penetration in the country and deliver our commitment to connect everyone and to bridge the digital divide,” he said.

The telecom has distinguished itself as the operator that most understands customers and responds to market needs.

Through the promotion, the company will enhance and consolidate its positioning as the fastest growing operator in the market with the widest 4G coverage across the country.

“Our company is also known for exciting promotions and first to market innovation.

We welcome our customers to take advantage of the fantastic offer by buying internet bundle starting from 1,000/- so they can get up to 1GB of instant internet bonus for use on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Twitter and stand a chance to win a 4G smartphone every hour,” Boudiaf reiterated. 







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