Tenants not paying rent to be evicted- TBA

02Jul 2019
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Tenants not paying rent to be evicted- TBA

THE Tanzania Building Agency (TBA) is likely to evict tenants from its houses with outstanding debts totalling 10bn/-.

TBA issued a 14 day notice to all the tenants that ends on July 5th 2019 insisting on them to settle their rent arrears or face eviction. According to the notice, legal measures will be taken against them including being arraigned in court.

TBA senior official, Said Mdemu told journalists in Dar es Salaam yesterday that all the contracts with tenants across the country ended on June 30 this year. He said tenants including civil servants should pay their rent arrears before the agency instructs Yono Auction Mart to start collecting them on its behalf.

“We have requested Yono Auction Mart to assist us in recovering the money…we also aim to evict some tenants with long standing debts. Some of the tenants no longer qualify to stay in the houses, these include retired civil servants and those transferred to other working stations.

He said that families of civil servants who are no longer on employment should vacate the houses as their contracts had been automatically terminated.

Mdemu said that TBA plans to recover all its debts especially unpaid rents for the fiscal year that ended on June 30th 2019 as well as improving its revenue collections system. He said they plan to start sending reminder messages to its customers through mobile phones.

The official added that TBA will not enter into contracts with tenants whose contracts had expired. He insisted that after the notice deadline Friday this week, all the tenants with arrears will be evicted.

“There is a huge demand for houses; we will evict disqualified tenants to give the houses to other servants. Names of disqualified tenants will be published in media outlets”, he noted.

TBA is a government agency dealing with housing for public servants. It was initially called the Department of Buildings under the Ministry of Works. It was transformed into an agency in 2002 with the aim of building houses for civil servants.

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