TFDA in public education campaign to curb counterfeit

10Mar 2016
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TFDA in public education campaign to curb counterfeit

THE Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA) in central zone has embarked in a public education campaign geared to reduce counterfeits in the country’s market outlets.

The campaign against counterfeits is being carried out in educational institutions such as colleges, schools and in public gathering whereby students are the main target in the programme.

TFDA spokesperson, Gaudensia Simwanza, said that the exercise is part of the campaign whereby stakeholders are educated on the best use of the counterfeits and those which are not allowed to get into the market.

She said that TFDA experts have started moving in respective areas and meet with stakeholders such as teachers and teachers, who have a big role to play in addressing the counterfeits which have a negative effect to human health.

Simwanza said to start with Morogoro and Dodoma regions will benefit from the campaign before getting into other areas.

TFDA’s inspector in the central zone, Abel Deule he said the watchdog has been spending lots of money in controlling the counterfeits in the entry points “but now we’re changing the system by educating the Tanzanian community so that they are aware of those products and their negative effects.”

“We want to change people’s mindsets on using fake and unwanted products. This will make people refuse to buy and in turn they would not get the market.”

Counterfeit products pose a major risk to the public and are increasingly raising a concern over the fate of Tanzanians due to a massive importation of products whose quality believed to be of substandard.

A draft report by Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI) once said that counterfeit and sub-standard goods not only cripple legitimate local industry by unfair competition but, local services firms and channel players also lose revenue while businesses waste time and money working with faulty and unsupported products.

TFDA is a regulatory body responsible for controlling the quality, safety and effectiveness of food, drugs, herbal drugs, cosmetics and medical devices.

Its mission is to protect the health of consumers against hazards associated with food, drugs, herbal drugs, cosmetics and medical devices.