There is need for govt to increase allowances for councillors- House

14May 2019
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
There is need for govt to increase allowances for councillors- House

In Fenruary,2019 the ministry of State in the Prime Minister's Office, Regional Administration and Local Government, issued directives that councillors be paid  40,000/- for sitting allowance, the House feels the amount is not enough.

Speaker of the National Assembly, Job Ndugai

According to the directive, the mount paid  for sitting allowances for the councillors should come from own sources of revenues from the respective district councils.

 Members of Parliament yesterday argued that the central government should see how to chip in to help the local government authorities pay the councillors.

Speaker of the National Assembly, Job Ndugai while ending the debate on the matter said most district councils do not have the ability to improve allowances for the councillors basing on low incomes.

He said it would be completely wrong to  increase allowances to the councillors at a time when the district councils are struggling to set aside 40 per cent of  their own sources for development, 20 per cent  for villages, 10 per cent for nutrition and the remaining amount for running the councils.

"It is almost impossible for the district council to improve allowance packages for the councillors, may be the central  government should consider paying them directly," said Ndugai.

Earlier, in his basic question, Kondoa MP,Edwin Sannda (CCM)   had wanted to know why the government does not allow the district councils to pay allowances to the councillors based on the ability to collect revenues.

He said the parliament has over long period of time been talking of how best to increase packages for the councillors. " When shall we have the matter settled as the councillors still get very low allowances?" he asked.

The deputy minister for State in the President's Office, Regionjal Administration and Local Government, Mwita Waitara told the House that it is true that the government through  the etter with reference number CCB215/443/01 dated on 2nd January, 2019, issued directives on payment of allowances including sitting allowances to the councillors.

He said through the Local Authorities Act section 288 (42) and section 287(70) allows the relevant minister to approve the amount to be paid to the councillors.

The deputy minister noted that the government has more sources of revenues collections  , it is definite that the  councillors will get better allowances.

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