Thousands of pupils in Bagamoyo to benefit from water wells aid

01Jul 2020
Joseph Mwendapole
The Guardian
Thousands of pupils in Bagamoyo to benefit from water wells aid

THOUSANDS of primary and secondary school students in Bagamoyo District, Coast Region are set to benefit from clean and safe water after two organisations pledged to drill 20 water wells in their school premises.

The water wells will be drilled with a charity organisation—‘Time To Help’ in partnership with Feza schools.

The organisation’s public relation manager, Mbwana Kitendo revealed this yesterday when he handed over a water well to Mtambani Primary School in Bagamoyo District.

The idea to drill water wells is to ease water woes facing many primary and secondary schools in the district, he said.

“We came to learn that many schools in this district have no access to clean and safe water for daily consumption and for those schools with water spends a lot in paying monthly bills,” he said.

“We’ve also created a system that enables water to flow in toilets and build three water outlets at Mtambani Primary School whereby students can access clean water without queue.”

“We have already drilled one well at Mapinga secondary school and we made it here at Mtambani and we promise to continue with this spirit to make sure we reach many schools as we can to facilitate them with clean and safe water,” he said.

Mtambani Primary School head teacher Timothy Kassiani commended the two organisations for extending the support to the school, saying: “With this water well, we’re going to save 100,000/- per month in water bills.”

The 44 year-old school has a total of 2,400 students, which is beyond its capacity so there is a great need of water and other facilities like desks, classrooms, photocopy machines and teachers houses.

Bagamoyo District Education Officer, Sophia Killumbi applauded the two organisations for the timely assistance and asked them to help other schools in the district that face the same problem.

“What you have done to this school is commendable and other organisations should learn the giving spirit that you showed to us. Our school is overwhelmed by the number of students so the assistance like this will help to create a good learning environment,” she said.

Feza schools director, Ismail Yilmaz said water is important, that’s why his schools and Time To Help will do their best to ensure many schools in the country access clean and safe water.

Time To Help which is a global organisation started its operation in 2006 in Tanzania, with the aim of helping the needy in education, healthy, food, shelter and water.

Some schools benefited by Time To Help are Kawe B Primary School, Boko, Temboni, Kifuru, Kisarawe, Adris Abdul Wakili from Mpiji Majohe and Golan in Kimara Dar es Salaam.