Three large abattoirs to serve Dodoma city, export markets 

15Jan 2021
The Guardian
Three large abattoirs to serve Dodoma city, export markets 

​​​​​​​THREE modern slaughterhouses are lined-up for construction in Dodoma to serve the rising population in the capital city and make a portion available for export markets especially in the Middle East.

The project is set to implemented under a World Bank progamme, Tanzania Cities Transforming Infrastructure and Competitiveness (TACTIC), and expected to take up to three billion shillings.

Emmanuel Manyanga, the TACTIC project coordinator at the city council, said in an interview that the construction of the abattoirs starts around mid-year, in the new financial year. They will be put up at Msalato, Nzuguni and Nala respectively.

Apart from improving service delivery in the meat sub-sector in the fast growing city, the facilities are projected to attract lucrative external meat markets, where ready outlets are lined up in Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, he said.

The development is part of a series of initiatives on community empowerment and development set for implementation in the capital city through funds from the International Development Association (IDA), the World Bank’s soft loans window.

“The project follows successful implementation of the Tanzania Strategic Cities Project (TSCP) which was executed in the region from 2011 to 2020 through funds from IDA and a grant from Denmark, totaling 147bn/-,” he said.

The World Bank was impressed with the manner in which TSCP was conducted, achieving intended end-results, and thus decided to release more funds, part of which will facilitate the construction of abattoirs, he asserted.

Dr Gratian Mwesiga, the head of livestock and fisheries development at the Dodoma City Council, said the Msalato abattoir is designed for handling 1000 cattle and 500 goats per day whereas the Nala and Nzuguni ones will each have the capacity to slaughter 100 cattle and 500 goats.

 A vast raliage will be built, a place where the animals will be amassed and kept for eight to twelve hours before being slaughtered, in accordance with recommended standards.

"The plan is also to invest highly on the Disease Free Zone (DFZ), special areas for keeping cattle meant for slaughtering," he elaborated.

Implementation of the project will make Dodoma a hub for meat, as the leading local meat company Tanzania Meat Company (TMC) enhances its imprint.

TMC's major abattoir dates back to 2003 and started to operate in 2004. The Tanzania Livestock Marketing Project in the ministry oversaw the construction of the abattoir.

The facility has a capacity to slaughter 200 cattle and 1,200 goats per day, while the actual demand stands at more than 600 cattle and 2,800 goats per day.

In 2017, the facility exported a total of 1,372.1 tonnes of beef and goat meat to Dubai alone.

Tanzania is placed second after neighboring Kenya among countries in East Africa in the production and export of meat although the country trails Tanzania in the number of livestock.

TMC has often exported chilled and frozen meat to Oman, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait and other states in the Gulf Emirates after being certified and accredited by the Australia Halal Certification Association (AHCA) and the National Muslim Council of Tanzania (BAKWATA). Read More...

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