Three murdered including two women ‘out of jealousy’

08Apr 2020
The Guardian
Three murdered including two women ‘out of jealousy’

THREE people have died from three different incidents in Mara region, two of whom were apparently murdered allegedly ‘out of jealousy’ and another after unknown people believed to be armed robbers attacked him with a sharp object and ran away with his motorcycle (bodaboda)-

Mara Regional Police Commander Daniel Shillah

-leaving his body sprawled on the ground near his home.

The incidents were reported at the weekend by the Mara Regional Police Commander Daniel Shillah when he spoke to reporters in his office.

RPC Shillah said in the first incident, one woman, Elina Felician (30), a resident of Bomani in Mugumu town in Serengeti district died as she was receiving treatment after she was severely beaten by her husband allegedly due to jealousy.

He said the deceased was beaten by her husband, Juma Samuel (32) after which he chased her from home and travelled to her home district of Karagwe in Kagera region where she died while receiving treatment.

Following the incident RPC Shillah said they are holding the deceased’s husband Juma Samuel who will appear in court after investigation is complete .

In the second incident, a woman, Aneth Daud (34), resident of Sozia Island in Bunda district died after she was attacked by her boyfried Costa Stephano (32), resident of Kibara in the district out of what was also attributed ‘jealousy’. She died from the injuries sustained on March 30 at Kibara hospital as she was receiving treatment.

The deceased was transferred to the hospital from Kisorya dispensary to where she was initially taken after she was attacked.

RPC Shillah said they are holding the suspect who will be taken to court after investigation is complete, and the body of the deceased has been handed over to relatives for burial.

The third incident that also happened on March 30 this year involving a motorcycle driver Abdallah Elias Mzembe (30), resident of Isaba village in Butiama district who was attacked and killed by unknown people near his home and ran away with his motorcycle. His body was also left sprawled on the ground.

RPC Shillah said they are still hunting for the suspects and no one is being held in connection with the murder.