Three people drown in Lake Victoria

30Nov 2020
Happy Severine
The Guardian
Three people drown in Lake Victoria

Three fishermen, been two adults and one boy, have lost their lives in Africa’s largest lake, Lake Victoria.

The three were residents of Busega District in Simiyu Region. It is reported that the trio were out fishing but their boat capsized and the fishermen sank.


Speaking to reporters earlier today, Regional Police Commander Richard Abwao said the incident took place on the eve of November 29, 2020 around 9pm.


Commander Abwao identified the deceased as 30 year old Bitulo Manyama, his relative Mnaga Manyama (28) and a young boy, one Kurwa Juma (15), all been residents of Kabita village.


While it is not known what caused the boat to start leaking, the cause of death for all three victims has been deduced as drowning.

Bodies of the deceased were examined at the district hospital where it was found that they drank a lot of water and suffocated.


Following the incident, Commander Abwao has appealed to all citizens engaged in fishing activities in the region to conduct regular inspections and maintenance of their vessels.

It is reported that about 5,000 people are killed every year on the lake due to erratic weather conditions and a mix of poor communications and lack of resources.

This high death toll makes L. Victoria, "arguably the most dangerous stretch of water in the world in terms of fatalities per square kilometer," according to The National Lake Rescue Institute.


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