TLS organizes one-day forum to discuss Political Parties Bill

11Jan 2019
Getrude Mbago
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
TLS organizes one-day forum to discuss Political Parties Bill

THE Tanganyika Law Society (TLS) has organised a one-day dialogue for the public to discuss the newly presented Political Parties Bill 2018 so as to come up with recommendations, which will later be presented before the Parliamentary Committee on Constitution and Legal Affairs.

According to a statement issued yesterday, TLS has realized that if the Bill is passed without wider consultations with stakeholders, the impact could be more fatal to the country’s democracy.

It stated that the focus of the dialogue will be on aspects of the proposed amendments and what it means to the future of the multiparty system in Tanzania, democracy, freedom of association and rule of law. The emphasis of the dialogue is to address challenges that may arise and may need to be conquered if this bill is enacted into law.

“The dialogue is expected to strategically address those challenges, gather adequate and relevant solutions and produce an advocacy strategy to engage the Parliament. It will also explore strategies to overcome some hurdles in ensuring that the advocacy is successful. This dialogue is also an avenue to engage the public directly and through the media including social media to air their opinion on the bill.”

“TLS is hopeful that the deliberations made during the stakeholder’s conference will add value to the stakeholders when they make their submissions before the Committee.

“It is also hoped that the dialogue will also assist the Executive arm of the Government to reconsider whether this is the appropriate moment to move forward with the Bill or choose to conduct wider consultations before tabling the Bill for consideration.”


To achieve this, TLS intends to engage a number of key personnel and experts in the area of multiparty democracy and ask them to prepare papers that may address issues in the Bill. The papers will be presented and discussed in the public dialogue. Other participants will be offered an opportunity to comment and discuss on the issues raised by the experts.


“The dialogue shall be convened in such a manner that all key and relevant stakeholders such as the Government (Relevant Ministries), Political Parties, CSOs and NGOs working on the area, the Parliament (relevant committees), Academicians and FBOs are involved.”




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