TPA improves Lake ports’ operations

07Dec 2019
The Guardian
TPA improves Lake ports’ operations

CARGO transport to and from other East African countries has started speeding up as the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA)reorgnises its Lake Victoria ports of Mwanza, Musoma and Bukoba.

Lake Victoria Ports Manager Morris Machindiuza

The TPA says investments of over 16.5b/- have been made in Lake Victoria ports as part of an overall strategy to develop ports in the zone.

Speaking here yesterday, Lake Victoria Ports Manager Morris Machindiuza said TPA has strengthened one berth and a goods warehouse at Musoma Port.

As a result it is speeding up its operations in unloading, loading and warehousing of cargo as more ships use the port, he said.

Machindiuza said as of now TPA is working to revive the bridge connecting ships and the railway line that is set for completion next April at a cost of 650m/-.

"The construction of Musoma port started in 1966 and completed in 1968 but for the last 10 years failed to operate due to economic stagnation. However we have been looking for new markets and now there is one customer who has started using the port for cargo handling. And next month two more will start using the port.”

He said TPA has invested heavily in the improvement of essential infrastructure, including warehouses for cargo and waiting rooms for passengers.

In regard to Mwanza Port, modern infrastructures are being erected including a railway line that enables wagons to reach inside ships, he stated. 

"We want to convey the message to business people that our port systems are now better. For example if you transport goods from Dar es Salaam by rail the consignment will reach Mwanza in 48 hours,” he elaborated.

The total number of ships handled for the 2018/2019 period was 1,097 whereas in the last five years only 530 ships were handled. Revenue from cargo handling increased by 58 percent from 800m/- to 1.4bn/- per year, he further noted.

"Lake Victoria ports are being further improved to attract more cargo from neighbouring regions and countries bordering the Lake,” the manager added.

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