TPC increases sugar production to bridge the country’s shortage

11Jan 2019
The Guardian
TPC increases sugar production to bridge the country’s shortage

A Moshi-based sugar manufacturing company TPC Limited has increased production of sweetener from 36,000 tonnes to 110,000 tonnes in an effort to address shortage of product in the country, a senior official has said.


TPC Limited Director of Corporate Services, Jaffary Ally revealed this when speaking on Wednesday during a one-day visit made by the Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Omary Mgumba, and Minister for Industries and Trade, Joseph Kakunda at the factory, which is located about 50km south of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The dual inspected the production of sugar as well as understanding challenges facing TPC—one of the largest sugar estates in Tanzania with 8,000 ha under cane cultivation.

The sugar company also produces electricity for its own use and exports the surplus (23GwH) to the national grid (TANESCO).

Briefing the two ministers, Ally said: “We’re expanding sugarcane farms so that we meet our target of producing 120,000 tonnes of sugar annually.”

He, however, commended the government for addressing sugar smuggling, whereby tonnes of substandard sugar were smuggled into the country’s market, giving hard time to local producers.

“As sugar producers, we’re commending the fifth-phase government for addressing sugar smuggling, which used to affect local market. The market was flooded with substandard sugar, which put Tanzanians at health risks. We’re now to see that the government managed to address the challenge,” he said.

According to the official, TPC employs 1,900 on a permanent basis and an additional 1,100 seasonal workers while also providing 1,000 jobs through outsourced services.

For his part, Mgumba urged the investors in the country’s sugar industry to expand sugarcane farms to boost production of the essential food ingredient.

He said: “I see there is a big opportunity in sugarcane farms, which are in regions of Coast, Kigoma, and Mara where there is chunk land for investments.”

Minister for Industry and Trade, Joseph Kakunda also said that there are many opportunities in industrial sugar production, which is highly demanded in and outside the country.

“If investors can venture into this area, we can reduce importation of the product, hence brings in more forex rather than what we’re doing today,” minister said, encouraging more investors to chip-in the area and invest in industrial sugar production.


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