TPRI  closes over ten  shops in Kyela District

14Feb 2019
The Guardian
TPRI  closes over ten  shops in Kyela District

THE country’s Tropical Pesticides Research Institute (TPRI) has closed over ten shops in Kyela District, Mbeya Region and arrested some business people after violating rules and regulations of selling pesticides.

In an impromptu operation conducted by the institute in various parts of the district, some traders  were selling pesticides in children’s bedrooms something which posed a great threat to human health and life.

Speaking during the operation, pesticides regulator for southern highlands zone Emmanuel Mausa said that some traders were found selling the pesticides in sunny and dry open spaces.

“We also found others selling the products in spare parts shops whith no licences from TPRI…This is illegal and totally intolerant, everyone who wants to enter into the businesses must ensure that he/she has    an approval from the institute,” he said.

He said that before conducting the business of pesticides, someone should undergo training from TPRI on the important rules, procedures and safety measures to be adhered to.

During the operation the traders had also unregistered pesticides which   was also a threat to farmers and consumers at large.

Speaking on the operation, some of traders said that the behaviour of some dishonest business persons was also tarnishing the image of the honest ones thus commending the government for conducting the operation.

“These traders who are selling the pesticides illegally are denying the government from getting revenues as they don’t pay levies when importing or any kind of tax. This hurts us as the burden of tax is left only to few people,” said Rebeka Mbamba, a pesticides seller in Kyela.

Kyela district council agriculture officer Benard Kibata wanted farmers to be careful and should avoid buying pesticides on streets.

“My appeal to farmers is that whenever searching for pesticides, they must ensure that they go to the shops which they know that are registered and had experts,” he said.




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