TRA commends traders for high tax compliance

19Jan 2019
Friday Simbaya
The Guardian
TRA commends traders for high tax compliance

TRADERS in the region have been commended for their noble practice of paying taxes that has made the region to surpass revenue targets.



Tanzanian Revenue Authority (TRA) officials in the region said factory owners in the region have shown high tax compliance, an attitude that has boosted revenues.

TRA Iringa Regional Manager, Lamson Tulyanje said good tax payment has led to an increase in revenue collections, surpassing the target by reaching a 105 per cent performance rate.

Speaking here yesterday, he said that in the first half of the 2018/2019 fiscal year the region planned to collect Sh29.4bn, but surpassed the target by collecting Sh30.7bn, equivalent to 105 per cent of target.

“Factories in the region contributed highly to the realization of the dream,” he said.

He said during fiscal 2017/2018 for a period of six months TRA in the region collected Sh26.2bn, an increase of 17 percent from the previous year’s collection of Sh26.2bn.

He said to ensure success in business, owners of business need to adopt the use of Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFD) to control revenues being collected.

The tax manager said they continue to offer education for tax payers in the region in view of asking for receipts whenever they purchase goods or deliver consignments.

On his part, Iringa Food and Beverages Ltd (IFB) director Suhail Thakore said development depended much on tax payment.

 “We all need to ensure that we use EFDs in our transactions,” he said, noting that this contributes much to the income and growth of the country.

The businessman said it was through tax that various social services including infrastructure and schools are improved.

He said that all citizens are obliged to be in the forefront in ensuring that taxes are paid because it is the main source of government revenue.

IFB has over 200 employees and uses raw materials produced by local farmers in producing a variety of products like Ivori Chocolate, tomatoes and chili sauce, among others.




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