TRA conducts taxpayers’ education training in southern highlands

09Apr 2020
The Guardian
TRA conducts taxpayers’ education training in southern highlands

​​​​​​​TANZANIA Revenue Authority (TRA) has conducted a special programme aimed at educating taxpayers in Mbeya, Iringa, Songwe and Njombe regions. The programme will enable taxpayers become well knowledgeable on the importance of paying taxes.

According to TRA’s taxpayers education service officer in  the southern highlands zone Serapio Luanda.  

Luanda said the programme had positive results as many taxpayers in the regions had cemented good relations with TRA over various challenges on tax issues.

The programme attracted experts from TRA headquarters and the region’s high profile officials.  

“We conducted the training via public gatherings, seminars and by visiting individual taxpayers in their places of businesses in all districts of Mbeya, Iringa, Njombe and Songwe regions,” he said. According to him the exercise has been of great benefits  for both taxpayers and TRA officials.

Luanda said TRA is an institution established for the purpose of collecting taxes on behalf of the government.

He said among the rights of a taxpayer is abiding by the tax laws is the decision of fair tax assessment to enable him pay the correct amount of tax, privacy on tax statements in regard to businesses.

Tanzania Revenue Authority is a government agency of   charged with the responsibility of managing the assessment, collection and accounting of all central government revenue. It is a semi-autonomous body that operates in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance.      .

The TRA was established by Act of Parliament Not. 11 of 1995, and it started its operations on 1 July 1996. In carrying out its statutory functions, TRA is regulated by law, and is responsible for administering impartially various taxes of the central government.