TRA set to implement compliance tax management to improving operations

12Jul 2021
Getrude Mbago
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
TRA set to implement compliance tax management to improving operations

THE Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) is currently implementing a move to modernise its operations and develop a more sophisticated and responsive form of tax administration so as to enhance voluntary tax compliance.

According to TRA commissioner general Alphayo Kidata, the move will also help strengthen its tax collection performance in the medium and long term, increase domestic revenue as well as contribute considerably to trade and private sector development.

He made the remarks in Dar es Salaam during the weekend when officiating the three-day forum which brought together experts from the National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA) and TRA. It meant to discuss issues on budget, economics and taxation.

“For our country to attain several development goals including the industrialization drive as envisaged, having a robust and sustainable tax system is inevitable. A sustainable system that we need in our country is the one that reflects predictability and inspires confidence for the future by allowing growth of businesses as opposed to strangling them taking into account that businesses are sources of taxes,” he said.

Kidata said the sixth phase government’s desire is to see taxpayers and businesses not only growing but also comply with the prevailing tax laws and regulations. That is why TRA is advocating for healthy business partnerships relations with taxpayers rather than regulator-based relationships.

“This forum provided an opportunity for country-renowned experts to convene and discuss vital fiscal matters affecting our economy and the World economy at large. As you are all aware, the globe is in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic that has sent shockwaves to the global economy and thus threatening the stability of financial systems. Policy makers across the Works are looking for suitable ways to contain the impact of the crisis through appropriate fiscal responses,” he said.

Kidata therefore said, matters arising from the forum will be useful for policy makers, tax administrators, accountants and other stakeholders in the country especially during this era.

Pius Maneno, NBAA executive director said the main objective of the forum was to provide an opportunity for participants to discuss and give their views on the year 2021/22 government budget as well as participate in coming up with proposals to the 2022/23 budget.

“The participants will also discuss updates on fiscal policies and economic development in Tanzanians compared to other East African countries as well as on taxation challenges.

He said the forum will discuss topics on budgetary changes, role of accountants in managing transfer pricing tax audits, new online VAT fillings, implications of the 2021/22 tax changes on doing business in East Africa as well responses to Covid-19 in reflex from EAC budgetary changes.