TRA surpasses February revenue target, nets 1.040trn/-

11Mar 2016
Grace Kambaulaya
The Guardian
TRA surpasses February revenue target, nets 1.040trn/-

TANZANIA Revenue Authority has collected at least 1.040trn/- in revenue for the month of February above the monthly target of 1.028trn/- for both Mainland and the Isles.

Acting Commissioner General Alphayo Kidata

However, compared with previous collections, the month of January’s 1.079trn/- revenue was more impressive as it was above the monthly target of 1.059trn/-.

Speaking to journalists this week , acting Commissioner General Alphayo Kidata said the impressive collections followed the cancellation of tax exemption for some institutions.

Among the institutions whose tax exemption arrangement was cancelled included religious organisations in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar.

He, however, admitted that the authority collected about 8.56trn/- between July, 2015 and February2016, a little short of the targeted 8.68 trn/-

Kidata said the collections were based on a dedicated and assertive measure taken by TRA to ensure that it continued get rid of loopholes for tax evasion as well as putting an enabling environment for the taxpayer to pay their dues on time using the various existing systems.

Kidata attributed the increased collections to the effective strategies implemented by TRA which were prompted by President John Magufuli’s administration, which included setting up stronger monitoring mechanisms and effective methods of tax payment.

The boost of revenues was also contributed by proper systems such as making follow ups and ensuring that taxpayers were complying with regulations without any disturbances,’’ he noted.

Such an increment in tax collection is good news for the government, which is currently trying to find adequate revenues to fund promises made by President John Magufuli during last year’s election campaigns.

The acting Commissioner General said TRA had also collected about 11.78bn/- from businesses which had evaded taxes at the Azam-owned Inland Container Depot (ICD).

“The 11.78bn/- includes 5.38bn/- paid by 19 companies and businesses for their containers and about 4.17bn/- paid by the owner of the Azam ICD,” he said.

Kidata announced that as of this month TRA planned to improve tax collection strategies and mechanisms as well as increase monitoring of all sources of revenue and plug existing loopholes that include identifying unfaithful TRA servants and taking strict legal action against them.

“We urge citizens to cooperate with us by giving information on tax evaders as well as illegal products that are brought into the country through illegal routes or illegal ports,” he urged.

Meanwhile, Kidata said after the government ordered TRA to provide free electronic fiscal devices to businesspeople, they have rolled out a plan to give small-scale traders the equipment for free.

He stated that: “Right now we are at the last stage of procuring the machines.”

He said TRA had started carrying out inspections to identify how many cars entered the country and were registered without following customs procedures.

“The motor vehicle owners have been notified to come to our offices for clearance and payment of appropriate taxes,” he said.

The authority will control the inspection and valuation for every business in order to pay the right tariffs according to the product’s worth.

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