Traditional healers to detect and refer TB patients to hospital

25Feb 2020
The Guardian
Traditional healers to detect and refer TB patients to hospital

​​​​​​​TUNDURU district hospital has started using traditional and alternative healers that have been registered to identify people suffering from Tuberculosis (TB) and refer them to hospitals for treatment.

Wananchi in the district have hailed the decision by the hospital saying it will contribute in eradicating the disease.

The citizens of  of Mdingula in Namasalau village were found in a ‘clinic’ of a famous traditional healer Hausi Mohamed receiving treatment advised the government to continue respecting the healers as they have great contribution in eradicating the disease and save peoples’ lives.

Two of them – Rahim Hussein and Mohamed abdallah said if the government will use traditional healers in the strategic campaign against TB, its achievement will be great due to a large number of people seeking treatment for their various ailments from them.

Rahim said in these traditional ‘clinics’ there are huge groups people from various regions in Tanzania Mainland and the Isles including neighbouring Mozambique who go to seek treatment.

He said their participation in identifying sufferers of TB and referring them to hospitals for proper treatment will save a lot of lives.

On his part, Mohamed Abdalah said many people in the society still believed in alternative cure as a solution to their ailments as some diseases do not have professional cure, but when they go to traditional healers they get well.

The coordinator of TB and leprosy at Tunduru district hospital Dr Mkasange Kihongole said already there are more than 40 traditional healers who have received training on how to identity  TB victims   and referred them to hospital for further examinations.

Dr Kihongole who also doubles as coordinator for traditional and alternative cure said due to the high prevalence of TB in the society the government has seen it necessary to recognize and incorporate them for TB eradication campaign by 2035.

He said the reason for incorporating them came after it was found out that 60 percent of Tanzanians still trust  them   for   various ailments and only 40 per cent go to hospitals.

He also called on the healers to stop conducting their business in secrecy, they should do so in a friendly environment that is clean so that many people go to them.

Hausi Mohamed (Babu Manjenje) a traditional healer trained in spotting TB  victims  thanked the government for recognizing them and their significance by incorporating them in the TB eradication campaign.

He said traditional healers in the district they have accepted in unison to participate in the campaign to save Tanzanians.

He also hailed Tunduru district hospital for providing training to them to identify TB  patients .