Traffic fines: Police nab 1000 defaulters

26Jan 2021
The Guardian
Traffic fines: Police nab 1000 defaulters

​​​​​​​MORE than 1,000 drivers have been nabbed in Morogoro Region in a crackdown targeting fine defaulters arising from various traffic offences.

Regional Police Commander Fortunatus Muslim.

Regional Police Commander Fortunatus Muslim said here at the weekend that 1,384 drivers were arrested in the police swoop that began on Monday last week, affirming that the police operation is being conducted countrywide on all types of motor vehicles.

He said in the past drivers were required to pay the fines on the spot, but there were complaints that some had no cash at hand and would later pay at any police station, while others said they were on urgent trips.

“The government listened to their complaints and introduced a system in which they were given seven days to pay the imposed fines, but most drivers are now ignoring this duty,” he stated.

Drivers have not been paying the fines, which compels traffic police to hunt them down, he elaborated, asserting that drivers who have defaulted on their fines offences would rather settle their dues as they have no anywhere to pass. The traffic police are well mobilized to take note those offenders when they pass, he declared.

The RPC said that a total of 396 passenger motorcycles were locked in over various traffic offences including non-wearing of crash helmets, carrying more than one passenger, etc.

Out of those impounded 354 drivers were handed fine demands, 22 cautioned and 20 drivers still have their motorcycles at police stations as their drivers fled during the operation, he specified.

Traffic police headquarters lately announced collections of 1.4bn/- of fine arrears mainly within five days in an operation that kicked off last Wednesday.

These amounts were fines collected from 24,521 drivers whose vehicles were impounded after failure to pay their fines.

On the first day when the operation was launched the force collected 290m/- from 5,197 drivers across the country, with the amount reaching 300m/- the following day, Thursday January 21, from drivers of 5 277 vehicles.

On Friday the collection took to the government coffers another 296m/- from drivers of 5,258 vehicles whereas on Saturday the force collected 289m/- from another batch of drivers of 5010 cars. Sunday January 24 raised 221m/- from drivers of 3,779 vehicles, the department noted.

Inspector General of Police Simon Sirro has since appealed to those with fine demand notices to surrender to the police to avoid being arrested and charged with contempt of lawful responsibility. “There is no one who was going to escape this operation,” the police chief underlined.

“Dodging to pay accumulated fines is defaulting and puts one in greater trouble. We therefore call on all those affected to pay the fines during this period before you are arrested,” the IGP added. 

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