Traffic police crackdown finsd buses’ brake systems tied with nylon

17Sep 2021
The Guardian
Traffic police crackdown finsd buses’ brake systems tied with nylon

​​​​​​​A TOTAL of 29 passenger buses operating in the Southern Highlands regions were inspected by road traffic police at Mikumi area, Morogoro Region with some found tied with nylon strings in their brake systems.

National Traffic commander Wilbroad Mutafungwa.

This follows a special operation by the Traffic Police in Kilosa District, Morogoro Region along the Morogoro-Iringa Highway to look for defective passenger carrying buses that also found out that some of the small vehicles carrying passengers use nylon strings in their brake systems.

The operation led by the National Traffic commander Wilbroad Mutafungwa saw 24 drivers arrested and fined with some having their driving licences impounded.

The operation also discovered passenger carrying vehicles with defective speed governors with some overspending.

Four drivers were arrested for having buses that had not been registered with the speed governor system, with some devices been tampered on.

“These drivers should be placed under custody by tampering with the speed governor systems, 12 others with various traffic offences including over-speeding were fined and cautioned,” said Mutafungwa.

He added that 12 other drivers who were found to be speeding at over 90 km/h and above had their licences impounded for further legal actions.

In the operation, 10 trucks were also inspected and five were found to be defective in their brake systems and were ordered to be rectified before they continue with their journeys.

He said five other Heicher minibuses were inspected and found with defects in the brake and power steering systems and were barred from continuing with their journeys, with some found to have been tied with strings in their brake systems using rubber strips.

The National Traffic Commander called on bus passengers to be the first to report to the traffic police all times they see the drivers of the buses they were travelling in were violating road traffic laws and regulations, in regard to fast driving or defective vehicles. 

He also called on road traffic police in the country to perform their duties professionally in order to control road accidents that results in unnecessary loss of lives and limbs.

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