Transportation disturbed as police sideline buses

10Jun 2021
The Guardian
Transportation disturbed as police sideline buses

​​​​​​​HUNDREDS of people destined to travel from Mbeya city to various other regions by bus early yesterday had to postpone their journeys or find other means of transport after traffic police blocked 12 buses that failed an impromptu roadworthiness test. 

ACP Wilbroad Mutafungwa.

The national traffic police commander, ACP Wilbroad Mutafungwa, was on the spot at Mbeya city’s main bus station in carrying out a directive by Inspector General of Police (IGP) Simon Sirro for inspection of all passenger buses to prevent road accidents.

ACP Mutafungwa conducted those inspections in the company of senior officers, with 12 buses found with serious defects. Their number plates were removed and the drivers told to make thorough repairs.

Five other buses were found with routine defects and the drivers thereof were instructed to rectify the faults before proceeding with their journeys, while 15 buses were cleared of any defects.

ACP Mutafungwa told the drivers to make sure they rectify the defects after which they would go for inspection before starting on their trips.

The police will continue monitoring drivers on the roads to ensure they abide by the traffic laws without having to be pushed to do so, he said, appealing to drivers to eschew overtaking other vehicles along dangerous stretches.

This habit is the cause of many road accidents that have cost many lives, the commander noted.

He also warned drivers who tamper with speed governors, saying those found will be severely dealt with.

For his part, Regional Police Commander Ulrich Matei said the bus inspection exercise will be occasionally repeated to ensure passengers travel without hitches.

“It is a big problem,” he said, pointing out that of 32 Mbeya based buses make journeys to other regions, only 15 were found to be without defects.

“This is dangerous,” he further observed, appealing to passengers to understand what the police was doing in conducting that exercise..

“It is not our intention to prevent passengers from travelling but we want them to travel safely,” he emphasised..

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