TRC demolishes key buildings for SGR route

14Jan 2018
Rose Jacob
Guardian On Sunday
TRC demolishes key buildings for SGR route

A number of structures including government buildings have been demolished in Mwanza to pave the way for the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway line from Dar es Salaam.

Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC)

Among the list of affected buildings from Feri to Mwanza Station in the city include Tanzania National Road Agency buildings, the Tanzania Telecommunication Co. Ltd  buildings, Posta House, the Anglican Church and Nyamagana Stadium.

The demolition was done yesterday by a mechanized team of the Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC) after the public ignored TRC appeals to vacate their working places and demolish the structures within six months which had already expired.

The demolition comes just a day after the Deputy Minister for Works, Transport and Communication Atashanta Nditie’s call to those who built their structures in rail reserved areas to pave the way for SGR construction.

Daimon Mwakaliku, a responsible official in TRC, said they are complying with orders given by the deputy minister to demolish the structures.

"We have removed all traders who were operating in railway reserved areas and demolished the buildings including fenced walls within 30 metres," he elaborated.

The demolition has affected at least 25o traders in the area.

A trader identified as Ashura Saidi said they were given the notice mid-last year but due to lack of areas to conduct their business they had no option but to remain at the site.

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