Trust hands over toilet facilities to primary schools in Bagamoyo

29Jun 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Trust hands over toilet facilities to primary schools in Bagamoyo

HASSAN Maajar Trust (HMT) has handed over toilet facilities in two primary schools namely NiaNjema and Majengo, in Bagamoyo District, Coast Region.

Bagamaoyo District Commissioner, Zainab Kawawa.

This is HMT’s second toilet project after the launching of their new campaign, Vyoo Bora Kila Shule (quality toilets in all schools) that aims to provide adequate toilet facilities to Primary Schools.

The completed toilet blocks two in each school, (for boys and girls separately), the girls’ blocks each has a changing room (Dignity Room) for use by girls for health and sanitary purposes. All the facilities are fitted with water tanks with running water and special access for pupils with disability.

In addition to handing over the toilet facilities, HMT partner, “HerAfrica”, an initiative that works towards providing menstrual hygiene management training in Primary and Secondary schools, donated twenty (20) boxes of sanitary pads, that will be stored in the dignity room in each school.

In the presence of the Bagamaoyo District Commissioner, Zainab Kawawa, the HMT vice chairman, Shariff Hassan Maajar, presented the toilet facilities to heads of the two schools, Renatus Godfrey Kisenha of NiaNjema and  Magdalena TiothemAmsi of Majengo. The event was also attended by teachers, parents and the committee chairs of both schools.

Speaking at the event, HMT’s vice chairperson said, “After a successful campaign for school desks via HMT’s flagship programme a Desk for Every Child, HMT was happy to embark on the next campaign Vyoo Bora KwaKilaShule (Quality Toilets for All Schools). The first HMT toilet project was at Kajiungeni primary school at Pugu in Dar es Salaam.

Additionally, the District Commissioner ZainabKawawa, commended HMT’s efforts in improving the learning environment in schools across the country and placed emphasis to the teachers, parents and the community as a whole to take good care of the facilities so that they can last longer and serve as many students as they can.

It was through public support, from corporates and individuals that HMT was able to provide 10,000 desks, in 13 regions in Tanzania capable of seating 3 - 4 children each and therefore successfully lifting over 30,000 children off the floor. Funds raised in the past have been applied towards construction of the toilet facilities in the three Primary schools, in Pugu and Bagamoyo. “We are delighted to have completed yet another project which will serve a large number of pupils, totalling over 3,360 in both schools, said Maajar. 

NiaNjema primary school head teacher, Renatus Godfrey Kisenha , speaking on behalf of his colleague thanked HMT for providing the toilet facilities. “Lack of adequate toilets has long been a major challenge in our schools, we are grateful for this support from HMT, he said.

“HMT has come a long way in realizing its dream of providing desks, libraries and books to students across the country as well as raising awareness on the plight of students learning under challenging circumstances and mobilising Tanzanians and our government to join HMT initiatives that have thus far resolved some of the challenges, albeit in a small way. We are excited that by this new campaign, “HMT is lighting another candle, to shine upon the challenge of quality toilets in our schools”.added Maajar.