Trust CCM candidates for development, Shein

17Oct 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Trust CCM candidates for development, Shein

​​​​​​​ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein has urged Micheweni residents in the Indian Ocean archipelago to vote for CCM candidates in the forthcoming October general election to realise their development ambitions.

Dr Huseein Mwinyi.

Dr Shein who is the party’s Vice Chairman in Zanzibar made the remarks in Micheweni, North Pemba Region when addressing a campaign rally. He said for the region to achieve its targeted development ambitions, residents should make no mistakes by voting for candidates from other political parties.

He said that CCM presidential candidate for Zanzibar, Dr Huseein Mwinyi is a talented leader with the ability to bring about development changes in the Isles. He said Dr Mwinyi will take over from where his government has ended.

“We must all vote for Dr Mwinyi, he is a teacher and a doctor by profession, he has all the qualities of a good leader,” he said adding that the candidate has a good knowledge of the Union is he is likely to further cement it.

The President also called on the residents to maintain the prevailing peace and unity especially during this time when the country prepares for the elections.

CCM presidential candidate for Zanzibar, Dr Hussein Mwinyi commended the seventh phase government for successfully implementation of the party’s 2015/2020 election manifesto.

He said the government under President Shein has managed to improve provision of social services such as education, health and infrastructures. He said that most of the health facilities are equipped with modern medical equipment as well as essential drugs.

Dr Mwinyi said if elected the president of Zanzibar, he will recognize the Shumba port in Pemba and construct a modern fish market at the area.

He said the Micheweni hospital will also be upgraded as well as constructing more health facilities and workers houses. He promised to employ more doctors including specialists for all the hospitals in Pemba.

“My government will purchase modern fishing boats to be given to fishermen so that they can be able to conduct fishing activities in deep waters of the Ocean,” he noted.

Tanzanians go to the polls on October 28 to elect union president, president of Zanzibar, members of parliament, members of Zanzibar’s House of Representatives and Ward Councilors.

Apart from Mwinyi, there are 14 other candidates in the race namely  Said Soud (AAFP), Juma Ali Khatib (ADA TADEA), Hamad Rashid (ADC), Mfaume Khamis (NLD), Ali Juma (CHAUMA), Issa Muhammed Zonga (SAU), Ameri Said Ameri from Demokrasia Makini and Hamad Muhammed Ibrahim of UPDP.

Others are Hussein Juma Salim from Tanzania Labour Party (TLP), Mohamed Omar Baharia from the Union for Multiparty Democracy (UMD), Shafii Hassan Suleiman (Democràtic Party), Khamis Faki Mgau (NRA), Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad (ACT Wazalendo) and Othman Rashid Khamis from CCK.

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