Tundu Lissu, Wema Sepetu in court; both released on bail

10Feb 2017
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Tundu Lissu, Wema Sepetu in court; both released on bail

THE opposition chief whip in parliament, Tundu Lissu (CHADEMA) was yesterday brought before the Kisutu resident magistrate’s court in Dar es Salaam to answer charges of uttering seditious words that may instigate social chaos and destroy peace in the country



The same court released on bail the former Miss Tanzania and Bongo movie actress, Wema Isack Sepetu (28), along with two others, who were charged with offences related to drug-trafficking.

In the Lissu case, the prosecution side led by advocates Mutalemwa Kishenyi and Jackline Nyamtori claimed that the Singida East member of parliament uttered the seditious words at Kibunju Mauongoni in Magharibi B, Zanzibar on January 11 this year.

It was alleged before resident magistrate Huruma Shaidi that, while addressing a rally in the Dimani constituency, he said: “Tanganyika has been a decision maker on who should rule Zanzibar since 1964”.

According to advocate Kishenyi, such statements were likely to cause turmoil in the country.
In a separate count, Lissu is also alleged to have uttered the following words: “Zanzibar is being ruled by Tanganyika since 1964…security organs from Tanzania mainland have since 1995 being camping in the Isles during general elections. They are doing this to protect their people from being removed from power by Isle residents through the ballot box.”

He is also said to have told people at the rally that the late Aboud Jumbe was exiled from Zanzibar by the late Julius Nyerere in order to allow for Ali Hassan Mwinyi to be announced as the new Zanzibar president although he was not the people’s choice.

Lissu is quoted as saying: “Zanzibar is considered a colony of Tanganyika under the umbrella of Tanzania. Dr Ali Mohamed Shein is just a puppet…he will be removed from power.”

Although the fiery opposition legislator consented to all the charges, the prosecution requested the court to deny him bail for violating at least one of the bail conditions from the other three cases he is facing before the same court.

Still, magistrate Shaidi granted Lissu bail on condition of producing one surety who signed a 20 million/- bond. Lissu was arrested early this week in Dodoma.

Meanwhile, Miss Tanzania 2006 pageant winner Wema Isack Sepetu (28) and her two co-accused, including a housemaid, were also released on bail after spending the past six days in police custody.

The trio are alleged to have been found with 1.08 grams of narcotic drugs in the form of marijuana.

Hundreds of people including Wema supporters were gathered in the Kisutu court grounds when the accused arrived at around 11 am under a close police escort, and were directly arraigned before resident magistrate Thomas Simba.

Prosecutors claimed that on February 4 this year, a police search yielded the marijuana cache in Wema’s residential house in Kunduchi, Kinondoni District.

The accused all denied the charges, and magistrate Simba granted them bail on condition of having two sureties and a bond worth 5m/-. The case will be mentioned again on February 22.

Wema was detained by police last Friday after being summoned by Dar es Salaam regional commissioner Paul Makonda over allegations of being involved in a narcotic drugs trade.

The Makonda-led crackdown on narcotics dealing in Dar es Salaam has been openly supported by President Magufuli, who ordered security organs and law enforcers to ensure no suspects are spared on the basis of public status or popularity.

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