Two brothers in custody for ‘setting step mother on fire’

21Oct 2020
The Guardian
Two brothers in custody for ‘setting step mother on fire’

​​​​​​​POLICE in Mbeya Region are holding 10 people for various offences including two brothers who are alleged to have set their step mother on fire after accusing her of taking a bank loan using their inherited house as security.

Mbeya Regional Police Commander Ulrich Matei.

Mbeya Regional Police Commander Ulrich Matei told reporters that the incident occurred on Monday this week at around 6am at ZZK area in Mbalizi township. The mother suffered multiple burns on her body, he said.

 He named the two as Ezekia Lizer (20) and his elder brother Baraka Ezekia (24) who are allegedly to have burned their step mother Daines Mdee (26).

RPC Matei said earlier the two lost their mother and their father married Mdee but later the father also died leaving them various assets including two houses.

He said later their step mother applied and received a 40m/- bank loan after putting the two houses as collateral and opened a shop but failed to repay the loan.

“After some time the bank decided to sell away the houses to recover the loan, the move that enraged the two brothers. They bought 10 litres of petrol, poured two litres over her and lit the fire,” he said.

He said neighbours heard of the fracas after the two lit the fire but when they arrived for help, the fire had burnt 80 percent of her body whereupon she was rushed to Mbeya Referral Hospital for treatment.

Matei said investigations on the case were still continuing and when ready the two brothers would be taken to court.

In regard to the second incident Matei said the suspects, five people, four from one family were being accused for killing their father, Ali Mazinge (66) because of farms conflict.

He named them as Idrisa Mazinge (24), Jumanne Mazinge (30), Fikiri Rasi (38) and their mother Chausiku Mahamudu (50), residents of Mbuyuni in Mbarali District.

He said the incident happened on June 25 this year whereby the suspects hired a killer for 700,000/- to assist them in killing their father.