Two die after sleeping with burning charcoal stove in the room

23Jul 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Two die after sleeping with burning charcoal stove in the room

TWO people said to be lovers – Bentho Mbatha (23) a bus tout and Njombe town resident and Jazila Said (27), resident of Namtumba in Ruvuma Region have died after they slept with a burning charcoal stove in their room to keep them warm.

Confirming the incident, Njombe Regional Police Commander Hamisi Issah said it happened on July 17 at around 11:00 pm in National Housing Corporation (NHC) housing estate in Njombe town.

“After they met their death no body new about that,” said the RPC, and added that the cause of the death was the burning charcoal stove they placed in their rooms for warmth, and added that this is the practice of people in Njombe to protect themselves from bitter cold.

He called on the people of Njombe to stop the practice, and find other ways to keep warm from cold as burning charcoal stoves produce toxic fumes (carbon dioxide) that are dangerous.

Narrating the incident, the owner of the house the deceased duo slept in, Amani Samson Mwalongo said “I found them dead as I decided to go and visit them in their room.”

One of the neighbours said the deceased used to come here to collect fire and chips saying he had a visitor, but after some days he was not to be seen and after one day we saw the police descending on the house.

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