Two die in horrific head-on collision

26Mar 2020
The Guardian
Two die in horrific head-on collision

TWO people have died following horrific head-on collision involving a passenger bus and a tricycle (bajaj) at Ilomba area in Mbeya city.

Mbeya Regional Police Commander (RPC) Ulrich Matei.

Mbeya Regional Police Commander (RPC) Ulrich Matei told reporters yesterday here that the accident which occurred early on Tuesday involved a bus with registration number T.413 AVU and a tricycle with number T230 BGT.

According to him, the bus driver was attempting to overtake at a prohibited area.

“So the accident occurred due to recklessness of the bus’s driver which plies between Mbeya and Ifakara in Morogoro region. The bus’s driver wasn’t careful on the road.”

He named the deceased as the tricycle’s driver whose identity is yet to be known and a passenger Ester Mbonje (35), a resident of Ilemi in the city.

Commander Matei said that the bus’s driver--Ayoub Mwandwanga (36) was arrested shortly after the accident and is expected to appear in court moments after investigation is complete.

He said that the deceased bodies are at Mbeya zonal referral hospital where he urged relatives to go to the hospital to identify the bodies.

He wanted motor vehicles and road users to adhere to road safety rules and regulations so as to avoid causing unnecessary road accidents.

Matei vowed that the police will not hesitate to take stern measures against reckless drivers who are causing avoidable accidents.

Reports show that 80 per cent of accidents are caused by reckless drivers, 12 per cent caused by the mechanical problems of the vehicles, 6 percent by climate change, while only 2 per cent of the road accidents are caused by poor infrastructures.

The Global figures as provided by WHO in 2018, indicates that, each year 1.35 million people die as a result of road traffic crashes, and millions more are injured or disabled while head injuries remain the leading cause of death and disability among motor-cycle riders.